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Basic Parameters for Resistors Design ConsiderationConstruction of a Resistance Unit
Characteristics of Different types of Material used for of Resistance
Different Types of Resistance Grids
As per customer's need and technical requirements, we at RSI Switchgear tailor make the resistances in the following types of materials.
Punched Stainless Steel (PSS)
  • R-PSS-304
  • R-PSS-406 (Fe Cr Al)
  • R-PSS-410

Formed Stainless Steel (FSS)
  • R-FSS-304
  • R-FSS-410

Wire Wound (WW)
  • R-WW-410
  • R-WW-316L
  • R-WW-316
  • R-WW-304

Edge Wound (EW)
  • R-EW-406
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