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RSI offer a wide range of LT Control & Relay Panels for different application such as Motor control, Power control, Power factor improvement, Distribution etc. These Panels are based on modular Concept, Powder coated with degree of Protection IP55. Panel Wiring is according to application

Product Range:
MCC, PCC, APFCR, Crane Control Panel, ACDB, DCDB, Marshalling Kiosk, CT, PT, Junction Boxes, Push Button Station

Design Concepts:
  • Constructional Features:
  • Aesthetics & Elegance to match International standard
  • Fully bolted modular design ( Flat-pack )
  • Switchgear components as per general arrangements.

Busbar Systems:
  • Designs are suitable for Copper as well Aluminum Busbar systems
  • Busbar designing takes care of thermal and short circuit capacities
  • Busbar systems are provided with heatshrunk PVC Sleeves and SMC supports.
  • Bending profiles have been appropriately designed to meet clearances and creepages as per IEC.

Control panels for Cranes and other Applications are fabricated from M.S. sheets are dust and vermin proof construction for indoor applications and weather proof with canopy and double door for outdoor applications.

All components inside the panel are arranged in logical manner and wired up with insulated Cu conductor bars/ wires. All components inside the panel are labeled as per the schematic diagram of the panel, so are the conductors and terminals marked.

Crane panels are manufactured with specific attention as these operate in vibratory condition.

The Control panels can be supplied with Resistances and Controllers.
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